Diary of a Patek Philippe Collector (19th January 2020)

I used to have a girlfriend who loved to order unusual food when we went to a restaurant. Even at the most basic restaurant, she would order something “exotic”. For example, at an Italian pizza restaurant, she would order a Margherita pizza but would ask for the cheese to be removed and then would add anchovies, black olives, capers and onion. At more prestigious restaurants she would always try foods that she had never tasted before. At a pizza restaurant, I will always order a plain Margherita. Inevitably, at a posh restaurant, I will order something that I know I will like. Inevitably, the former girlfriend would complain that she had ordered badly and that I had enjoyed my food more. You see, quite often simplicity is just perfect.

It is in this context that I want to congratulate (once again) @DrJuanola for his recent aquisition of the Ref. 570. Coming, as it does, on the heels of his recent Ref. 565 aquisition and adding to his Ref. 3417, @DrJuanola is rapidly building one of the most perfect Calatrava themes around. Sometimes, pure simplicity rules. Congratulations! In the same theme, congratulation also to @watchguydotcom for his stunning Ref. 2570 addition. Simplicity and purity at their best.

This week also saw @Horology_Ancienne add to their historical story of the Huguenots. This series of posts has provided a rich tapestry of historical information that has been expertly put together and told. There are many type of watch collectors in the world. For many, historical context plays an important part of the journey. @Horology_Ancienne continues to add to this through their IG account and it is always much apreciated.

In the same way, @theopencaseback also posted an interesting question this week regarding the “unintended consequences of social media for the big watch brands.” I think what I like about his posts is the fact that the questions he poses can be interpreted in a number of ways. One thing for sure, I can’t quite imagine ANY of the big watch brands taking the time to provide information like @Horology_Ancienne. I am just not sure that this type of information is a viable use of horological advertising budgets to sell watches. Yet, isn’t it to the advantage of watch manufacturers that their customers are informed, educated and interested in the history of the watches they own? Well, I guess to some manufacturers the answer to that is no and to others it is only a partial yes. I love it.

A further hat-tip to @books_on_time who took the trouble to send me some very interesting articles about perpetual calendars. Numerous pages painstakingly copied and sent to me so that I can get to the bottom of something that has interested me for years. Hopefully next week, I will summarise the information and post it here. Passionate collectors like @books_on_time do what they do for the passion of collecting. It is a deeper passion than many collectors indulge. Thank you! This collector is very appreciative.

Finally, a quick thanks to @scu16m. We met for the first time this week in London where he was kind enough to allow me to try his Ref. 5212A. What a watch!

I have been on the waiting list for almost a year. And my mind is made up now. I want this watch very much.

@Scu16m, thank you for taking the time to meet. It is always good fun to meet like-minded collectors.

The week ended with a fantastic walk along the top of the Malvern Hills with my wife. Enjoying life. And appreciating it.

One of my favourite refrences – Ref. 5970P

PS…….Oh, I forgot. I spent a few hours with a vintage dealer in London. He told me that he now believes the Nautilus “bubble” has finally popped. According to this informed dealer, the Ref. 5711A in the secondary market is now at least 25% lower than the high point reached in 2019Q4. He told stories of dealers with inventories of 100 steel Nautilus who were now more than just a touch concerned.

Just saying.