Diary of a Patek Philippe Collector (Sunday 22nd December)

As the end of the year nears and as the holiday season emerges, it is so often a time of reflection. The penultinate “Secret Diary” for 2019 sees a lot to talk about.

So much caught my attention this week on iG. First, a big congratulations to @JohnReardon570 who has started his own blog focusing on Patek Philippe. And what better way to start than with a fantastic interview with @Horology_Ancienne. As a highlight for the week, getting an insight into the thinking of collectors like H_A was a standout. I have to say, what I enjoy about iG is seeing how other collectors think. Getting a more in-depth view via JR’s new blog is a fantastic pathway to that. Congratulations to both of you.

I also want to mention three collectors who have increasingly come onto my radar. I have followed @kcinemod for quite a while. We don’t know each other. However, this week I sent him a private message highlighting the collection of @uwe1610 since there was an obvious overlap in collecting styles. In return, I received a message back highlighting for me the collection of @joshrankin. What it showed to me was the wonderful way that iG can work. I recommend all of the above sites for anyone who loves the elegance and simplicity of a pure time only watch. As much as I love complications, there can be something quite spectacularly complex about a vintage time only watch.

Indeed, following my previous blog that looked at my “Just Five” collection, I have thought quite a lot about the watches that I did not include in my list. A number of members here sent me messages asking why I did not include a pure time only example.

Like this? Ref. 2552

Or this? Ref. 3417

Or this? Ref. 570

There is, indeed, a beauty to simplicity that can only really be appreciated by owning and wearing such pieces. Thank you to all the gentlemen who reminded me of this. Collecting is about the connection between a watch and ourselves. Sometimes, the most complex connection can be via the most simplest of watches.

And my final shout out for the week goes to @___t.w.o___

Why? Because it is from this small group that started out together just a short time ago that some incredible friendships have emerged. Incredible diversity of watches? Yes. Complications? Yes. GTGs? Yes. Across the horological spectrum, this group has some unbalanced yet focused love for a very broad range of watches. Just look at the T.W.O Instagram site to see. And it has been my horological home for the last year. The T.W.O crew represent an independence of thinking and joy of collecting that I am proud to be a part of. And I get the feeling that 2020 will be a year when the T.W.O crew grows bigger.