A delicious dilemma: 5131R or 5575G?

I have a friend who has a big dilemma. He does not own a world time from Patek Philippe and wants to add one to his collection. He loves two but does not know which to go for. A delicious dilemma, to be fair.

My friend is building a beautiful collection of Patek Philippe watches and is now addressing the world time aspect of his collection. He has considered references like the 5110 and 5130 but has decided that he wants something different and has narrowed his choice to two watches that he loves.

Eeny meeny miny mo……..

In one corner stands the Ref. 5131R and in the other corner the Ref. 5575G. Two beautiful world time watches but two that are extraordinarily different in style and approach.

On the one hand, the Ref. 5131R has an absolutely exquisite enamel dial. Of all the 5131 metals, I find the contrast between the dial colour and case colour to be most appealing in the rose gold version. Enamel dials are something of a Patek Philippe speciality and to own an enamel dial through the 5131R would certainly be a great way to cover this aspect of collecting. One can also say that the 5131 case is very approachable.

Enamel dials are very much a Patek Philippe speciality

With its protected crown guards it has an element of youthfulness to it. To my knowledge, the Ref. 5131 is also the only watch made by Patek Philippe that does not have the name “Patek Philippe” on the dial. It is an anomaly that makes the reference collectible. One can also say that very few 5131s were made. If I was guessing (and I am), I would say that each metal saw around 250-300 made. All in all, one can readily see why the Ref. 5131R would be an ideal choice to fill the World Time gap in my friend’s collection.

With protected crownguards, the 5131 has a more informal feel to it

Obviously it is a taste issue, but I feel the 5131R is a watch that can be worn both formally and informally.

Yet, he won’t pull the trigger on the Ref. 5131R because there is something about the Ref. 5575G that keeps causing him to pause. With the 5575G one has a limited edition watch made with a total volume of 1300 pieces. It was made to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe so is special in that sense. It is also the only watch made by Patek Philippe that encompasses both a world time function and a moon phase. The moon phase itself is very ususual, using a specially designed ultra thin disc rather than the traditional method. One can also say that the Ref. 5575G has one of the most delicious cases ever made – for me it is one of the most gorgeous cases from Patek Philippe. With a white gold case and that black dial, the aesthetic is spectacular.

The curves of the case fold seemlessly into the lugs

Even the crown brings something new to the table

Yes, my friend has a big decision to make. Whatever decision he makes, one thing is for sure, there is no bad decision here. Both are superb variations of the world time theme. Again, it is a taste issue, but for me the 5575G wins easily as a watch to wear in the evening….at the theatre…in a nice restaurant….somewhere special. With a pair of jeans? No.