Patek Philippe Ref. 5070P – the unique dials

The Patek Philippe Ref. 5070P is an icon. It is already one of the rarest production watches ever made by Patek Philippe. There also exists some extremely rare versions of this specific reference. The rarest of the rare.

It was in 2009 when I first saw the Patek Philippe Ref. 5070P. Up until this point, I had never owned a Patek Philippe. Rather, my focus had been predominantly vintage Rolex. However, when I saw that 5070P, I knew it was going to be my first Patek Philippe.

Just 150-250 of this rare reference were made. This is the one I made my own back in 2009.

Mine was also the first Ref. 5070P that David Duggan had had to sell. It was sealed in its original plastic and box – unopened by its original owner. This was an application piece and there was no way I was going to be allocated one – I had never purchased a Patek Philippe before. I visited the David Duggan shop and bought the watch.

To me, this watch had something very special. I like all of the different metals in the 5070s, but for me the platinum version is by far the most special. It has what I consider to be Patek Philippe’s most prestigious combination of platinum case and blue dial – an aesthetic contrast which I love.

There are several things about the Ref. 5070P that are quite unusual. I looked, in some detail, at the Ref. 5070P in a previous article and I attach the link at the end of this article. What I will say about the Ref. 5070P that makes it somewhat different is that there are actually very few dial variations that are known to exist. I think there are just four. At least, at the moment it seems that there are just four variations.

Ref. 5070P – the Tiffany Dial

The Tiffany 5070P is exactly like the regular 5070P with the exception that it has “Tiffany&Co” printed on the dial as well. It is obviously rarer than the standard Ref. 5070P, but has no differences to the dial layout other than this. I would estimate maybe 3-4 of these Tiffany 5070P to exist.

Identical in all respects to a regular 5070P, but with the extra “Tiffany” on the dial

Ref. 5070P – the Saatchi Edition

As part of the Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery 2015 in London, a number of watches were re-issued in special edition. The Ref. 5070P was one of these. The watch looks exactly the same as a regular 5070P with the exception that there is a different hue to the blue of the dial. Five of these limited edition watches were made in platinum.

The “Saatchi Edition” is identical in all respects but with a different hue to the blue

Ref. 5070P – the “Breguet” 12

A special client of Patek Philippe requested a unique dial for the Ref. 5070. Each of the four metals was made with no numerals at all other than at 12 which was in Breguet-style. Also, the owner’s initials sit just above 6’0 clock. Further, this variation of the Ref. 5070 also has different hands and lume. This special dial layout exists in each metal, making just four examples of this dial layout. I do not have a picture of the “Breguet 12” Ref. 5070P but I do have one of the “Breguet 12” Ref. 5070G. This is an example of the white gold version with pink/salmon dial. The platinum version is identical but with a blue dial. Plausibly this represents a totally unique Ref. 5070P. It is very possible that there is only one Patek Philippe Ref. 5070P that has a Breguet 12. I am guessing that 2-3 exist.

The “Breguet 12” 5070 has different hands, lumed, and of course a very different dial layout. With a signature!

All of the above dial variations have been seen in the public domain.

Ref. 5070P – the “Roman XII”

To my knowledge, the only other dial variation of the Ref. 5070P is one that has a Roman XII and no other numerals. The Roman version also has a very different hue to the blue compared to the original version. I will let the pictures do the talking. The hands are from the original version of the 5070 with no lume. I have to say, I see the original style hands as absolutely exquisite. To date, one single “Roman XII” Ref. 5070G has surfaced, suggesting that there at least one set of these “Romans” in the same way that there is one set of the “Breguets”. This would make the “Roman XII” a plausibly unique Ref. 5070P. I am guessing that maybe 2-3 possibly exist.

Any version of the Ref. 5070P is stunningly rare. But these unique pieces need to be viewed in rarefied air. It is hard to define superlatives in such an arena, but Patek Philippe have clearly created some absolutely astonishing variations of what was already one of the rarest production watches ever made.

….and like all 5070P dials, it transforms in different lights

….coming alive and transforming in the sun

Why is the Ref. 5070p a rock star?