Picking a five-watch collection from the current Patek Philippe list

If you were given a budget of $500k to put together a five-watch collection from Patek Philippe, what would you buy? Which five watches create that perfect collection?

How would I make my decision and what would I pick?

The five that I would select would need to cover a lot of bases. I would need one watch to wear as a daily “beater,” one for more dressy occasions, one that was my “wow” watch, one for more “sporty” occasions and one that I wanted that was more under the radar for “business.”

I would want to make sure that I had a range of various complications in order to keep the five-watch collection interesting, fresh and varied. One would also want to make sure that there was a variety of different metals and dial styles.

The daily “beater”

For me, I think the watch that I would select from the current list would be the Nautilus Ref. 5712A. It would be an ideal daily watch that provides plenty of interest and would be useful as a daily wearer. Date. Moonphase. Power reserve indicator. Assymetric dial. 40mm diameter but just 8.5mm in height. Yes, this would sit very comfortably as a daily beater and could be worn in a wide variety of situations.

Ref. 5712A is a highly versatile watch that is at home in most circumstances. A perfect “beater.”

The “dress” watch

The Ref. 5231J might not seem the obvious dress watch, but actually I think in yellow gold and with that enamel dial, the Ref. 5231J would be a very beautiful dress watch. To be sure, I prefer the 5131 world time because I see it as a less formal watch and that appeals to my taste more. However, for a formal wear, I think the Ref. 5231J would be perfect. I would, perhaps, swap the strap to a patent black leather rather than the brown alligator it comes with. Black tie or formal wear, the Ref. 5231J would look stunning.

Ref. 5231J – yellow gold world time for formal? Stunning

The “wow” watch

The 5370P is, for me, one of the nicest watches made by Patek Philippe for decades. The finishing is on a different level. Black enamel dial with breguet numerals. The split second complication is one of the most difficult horological complications to perfect and it has been put together in the 5370P in a way that demonstrates why Patek Philippe have the reputation that they have for excelling in high end complicated watches. This watch is an absolute stunner.

The “sporty” watch

For me, the Aquanaut is the most sporty watch within the Patek Philippe range. While Nautilus hits “sporty chic”, the Aquanaut is much more pure “sporty”. Rubber strap, simplicity of complication and a certain ruggedness that separates it from the rest of the Patek Philippe line-up. Such an easy watch to wear swimming, out and about and casually. Quite hard to pick which Aquanaut I would go for, but since this is a five-watch collection and I already have a steel case/blue dial variation with the Nautilus 5712A, I will go with the 5167A base model. As an alternative, and recognising that my five-watch collection does not have a rose gold variant, one could easily consider the 5167R here too.

5167A for sporty, but actually so many possibilities with Aquanaut

The “business” watch

For a business watch, I want it to be white metal and unobtrusive. At the same time, I want it to be elegant and also interesting to look at. The Calatrava Ref. 5212A fits this bill perfectly. It has a number of unique features about it that make it a fascinating watch to wear and stare at!

With these five watches, I come in under budget and have a very diverse, interesting and dynamic collection of Patek Philippe watches. Something for all occasions. And a fun game to play.

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