Patek Ref. 5975R – an owner’s review

A watch review from an owner is something special. It adds a personal experience to the process. This is the second “Guest Author” review that has kindly been provided by and I am very grateful to him for giving his insights into what is a fantastic watch – the Ref. 5975R

This is a wearers review and I will not dwell too much on the technical specifications of the Patek Ref. 5975R.

Maybe I am biased. What if it never said Patek Philippe on the dial? Maybe if I never paid a king’s ransom for this watch… maybe, maybe, maybe…

Putting all these feelings aside , this watch is a winner in my eyes.I will try to discuss this watch dispassionately (if I can) on a number of levels.

1. Appearance and dial

2, Function and legibility

3. Overall opinion

Appearance and dial

This watch has a presence on the wrist. It is 40mm in size (one of the biggest watches I own). I generally wear small vintage pieces, so this is a big change for me. However it does not wear big on my small wrists.

The intricacy of the dial immediately draws you in….

The case has lovely bold features including the deco-styled stepped lugs. The combination of the lugs and the vintage appearance of the dial seems to lessen the larger case size. Interestingly (although it is difficult to see), the lugs are detachable from the case – come service time!

The square brushed pushers also add  to the vintage look, giving it a feel of the 1940s chronograph style.

I have the rose gold model  and I love the fact that this reduces the bling factor. Others have written that the yellow gold is the one to get  (other than the WG or Platinum – which was the model I applied for BTW) but in 99% of cases there is no choice and we take what we can get. However I really love the soft pink gold of the case. It reduces the stark nature of a gold watch but I suspect each model has its pluses and minuses ( although  they are relatively small in nature).

The deployant buckle is a lovely touch although I feel the design is a bit garish. It does, however, have the anniversary dates, making it quite special. I have never had or worn a deployant (having vintage pieces.) It is a great and useful addition for any watch –price aside!

Initially one would have expected a clear case back to view the movement but Patek Philippe have chosen a solid back engraved with a commemorative 175th anniversaire inscription. Possibly a let-down for some but only a small negative in my opinion.

Function and legibility

At first glance, the dial looks very busy. Lots of numbers and curves. How could one possibly tell the time easily? But somehow the gold dauphine hands stand out well against the lighter silver opalescent dial. One is not really distracted by all the numbers unless one looks carefully. A glance is enough to get the time (presbyopia helps a lot by blurring out a lot of the details.)

The chronometer, however, is very easy to use and measuring a pulse rate or the speed of a car is not very difficult.

The dial and hands work well. I also love the blackened second hand which I leave running ( more on this later.) It gives the watch a feeling of being alive all the time and is not distracting at all.

As mentioned I tend to leave the second hand running all the time but I have also been wearing the watch with the second hand stopped.  Works just as well for me, and appears like a regular chronograph.

The movement is the “new” 28-520 with vertical clutch and column wheel chronograph movement.  The fact that it has the vertical clutch (rather than a horizontal clutch like the more classic 5070 or 5170) means the chronograph can be left to run continuously.  Did I mention that this is an automatic movement? An automatic chronograph would be heresy for most purists, but it works well for a user.  The watch is only just over 10mm thick, which is actually quite thin for an automatic chronograph movement.  The accuracy is pretty good at just over 3 sec/day. Not bad!

Overall opinion

I have to admit I am a diehard Patek Philippe fan so  I am biased somewhat but I just love this piece. It is a stunner that works on every level. A chronograph that harks back to the vintage era I so desire and it also has a  quirkiness about it. No subdials  but with a busy dial. An automatic – quelle horreur!

Another positive in my mind is that my wife – who often does not like what I buy – loved it. She said it was the best looking piece in my collection and that is good enough for me.

A few wrist shots for completeness

A modern watch with a distinctively vintage feel

Stepped lugs and square pushers add to that vintage feel

175th special anniversary box adds the cherry on the icing

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